Arthritis is terrible

It makes you feel like your life is over. Real patients want real insights and straight talk. Hear from the world's leading research and clinical experts on the state of the science and emerging cures. Angry@Arthritis is your hack to get smarter so you can get better.

Want OA cure smarts, but don't have a PhD? Did give you vertigo?
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OA Fix - Trials in the Mix. Bench to Bedside

Uncle Sam Signs Up to Cure Osteoarthritis – NITRO or NUTSO?

We're stoked that the U.S. government has signed up to cure OA in five years with its new Novel Innovations for Tissue Regeneration in Osteoarthritis (NITRO) program. Learn more.


This podcast series provides access to the world's leading arthritis experts - PhD researchers and clinicians from all over the world - and the current state of their innovative science, research, and drug/treatment development.

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OA - SOS: American Osteoarthritis - By the Numbers

More than 32.5 million American adults suffer with OA, and more than five percent of the global population are afflicted with the disease. As our population ages, OA is a growing concern - 100 percent of people will suffer with OA if we live long enough. OA can afflict any and all joints in the body - and today, Americans receive 790,000 knee and 450,000 hip replacements per year, while far larger numbers live with the pain and avoid troublesome joint replacements.

Angry woman holding her head

An arthritis diagnosis can be devastating - mine certainly was felt that way. Then, you start trying to understand the disease and treatment options - and you run right into a frustrating storm of doctors pointing in different directions, jargon, and hopelessness. Initially, I found only one valuable patient resource to answer my questions - hint, it rhymes with "oogle." That's not good enough.